How to follow-up with prospects

Have you ever felt that sending a follow-up email or message might bother your prospect?

Follow-up is a dangerous thing. Mostly because we've been taught to do it so badly. So how do we follow-up in a way that doesn't make us feel sleezy? Can we do it, and still get very good results? Can we do it in a way that prospects will actually enjoy and appreciate?

These are all good questions, and I'll be answering them (and more) in my next book.

What's different about this book? There are a million books on marketing, so why should you be interested in this one? Most books give you the theory. They tell you "what" to do, and knowing what to do is good. But I don't want you to merely know what to do, I want you to develop the skill of follow-up.


Once you have the skill, it's a very powerful thing. You'll know just what to do, anytime you need to follow-up.


Sound good? So now you might be wondering...


How can I get the book? Great question. You can't. At least not yet. If you're reading this, then you'll know that I'm still furiously writing this book. I want you to have it as soon as it's ready, but, like Paul Masson insisted in the 1960s ads "We will sell no wine before its time." We are currently aiming for a June, 2019 release.


What should I do next? If you want the skill of following-up, without being a creep, then I suggest you get on our early-notification list (below). Between now and the book launch, I'll be sending snippets from the book (but you'll only get them if you're on the list). And, when the book launches, you'll get early access.

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